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An uncluttered sanctuary: Fitted bedrooms to perfectly suit your space

Your bedroom should be a haven; a place where you can instantly relax and unwind. So, the last thing you want when you go into your bedroom is to be distracted by clothes and clutter. A bespoke fitted bedroom can maximise the available space you have in your bedroom, creating a streamlined and stylish sanctuary you can enjoy.

No matter what style of property you have, many homes can lack storage space. While a freestanding wardrobe can offer a partial solution, fitted bedrooms can provide you with a completely customised design for the most intelligent and efficient use of space. Achieving balance in your bedroom is all about how the marriage between function and storage are achieved.

Whether your tastes lean towards the contemporary, the classic or the traditional, fitted bedrooms using high-quality materials and finishes can complement your home and your style. You may, for example, choose a mirror-like, handleless finish to provide the perfect match to a minimalist home, or you may prefer a more traditional panelled style. You can combine different finishes for a look that reflects your style and personailty.

Fitted wardrobes: Bespoke inside and out

A fitted bedroom can also give you the ultimate freedom. Our experienced and skilled designers can design both the exterior and interior of your space exactly to your preferences, no matter whether you are looking for a fitted wardrobe to fit into an awkward space, or you want a sizeable walk-in closet. You may, for example have a large collection of shoes and accessories, or you may need to ensure that you have the right layout to store both formal and casual clothing. Your wardrobes can be perfectly matched to your dressing and bedside tables for a seamless finish.

Custom-tailoring your space with a fitted bedroom can ensure that your clothes, shoes, accessories and the rest of your possessions are organised in the best way so that you can immediately find everything that you need. You can choose to add custom lighting and a mixture of hanging spaces, shelves, drawers and open sections to create the right storage solution for you.

What to think about when choosing fitted bedrooms

Just as with a fitted kitchen, there are many elements to think about when choosing the right fitted bedroom for you. The main considerations are:

  • Style
  • Colour
  • How much storage space you need?
  • Exactly what you want to store
  • Do you want matching dressing and bedside tables?

In the same way that a fitted kitchen can add value to your home, a well-designed, high-quality fitted bedroom will not only improve the way you live life in your own home and provide a relaxing ambience, but can also prove to be a clever investment. You can maximise the efficiency and style of any bedroom in your home, whether you want to restyle your master bedroom or add elegance and storage space to a guest room or children’s room, with a fitted bedroom.

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